Advent General Liquid

Advent Liquid is a Specialty product made for the prevention of Sheath blight, rust, blast, stem rot etc. occurrence in Paddy crop. Advent Liquid when applied, alters the pH and osmotic balance of the leaf surface. This inhibits fungal spores from germinating and growing. It also damages the cells of fungal spores, resulting in dehydration and death of fungi, providing effective disease control. etc are . Amino acids present in Advent strengthen the plant cell walls and prevents spore entry.

Crops: Paddy special

Dosage: 250ml Advent Liquid per acre; 1.5ml of Advent Liquid per 1 liter of water.

Packing Available: 250ml

Bulk Packing Available: 50 Lt, 100 Lt, 200 Lt HDPE Container

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