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Emergene is using its global expertise in bringing and delivering new technologies to the Indian farmers. We have identified multiple gaps in Indian farming sector where we would be launching our products either with our brands or co-branding. We also mapped some services in the farm mechanization where we could contribute a great value to advance farming.

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    Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy and it will continue to remain in future as well. Agriculture research is the science and art of farming including cultivating the soil, producing crops and raising livestock. It is the most important enterprise in the world. By adopting scientific farming methods, maximum yields can be achieved together with good quality crops which can save farmers from going bankrupt are possible. However, the majority of farmers still uses primitive methods of farming techniques due to lack of knowledge/ investment for utilizing modern equipment. There is a huge gap in technology adoption and implements used by small and marginal farmers. If science and technology is coupled with the farming system, Indian farmers will no longer be in poverty.

    India is bestowed with a lot of potentials to produce all varieties of organic products due to its various Agro-climatic regions. In several parts of the country, the inherited tradition of organic farming is an added advantage. This holds promise for the organic producers to tap the markets which is growing steadily in both domestic and export market. As per the available statistics, India ranks 9th in terms of the World’s Organic Agricultural land and in terms of the total number of producers it ranks 1st as per the 2018 data (Source: FIBL & IFOAM Year Book 2018).

    In addition, a drone is another best possibility which is an unmanned aerial vehicle applied to farming in order to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. Furthermore, drones are used to spray pesticides to prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases. Drones can monitor crop quality with thermal sensors. By integrating advanced image processing units into the drones, they can make miracles in the agro-industry. Various nations started using drones in various fields, especially in agriculture.

    The major challenges in Agriculture mechanization are smallholdings, economics and after-sale service. One of the major objectives of the project is to train the farming community in the utilization of these agricultural implements and also educate farmers in the novel agricultural-based technologies/approaches. Focus is given to train the rural youth and impart the skills required to handle and repair the farm implements.